Kore Adjustable Wobble Chair 16.5"--21.5"

Kore Adjustable Wobble Chair 16.5"--21.5"
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8 years & up. Transform a normal chair into a playground for your child's mind!

Unlike regular chairs, the Adjustable Kore Wobble Chair forces your children's bodies to conform to a natural posture. The gently rounded bottom and flat seat allows one's knees, hips, and back to find a comfortable position to rest as the chair wobbles. The wobbling provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy while doing homework, drawing, eating, and more.

Chair adjusts from 15.5" - 21.5" to fit each child's height need. Great for children with ADD or ADHD. Made in the USA. Weight limit is 280 lbs. Stools come in multiple colors: Primary Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, and Black.