What Do People Do All Day - Hardcover Book

What Do People Do All Day - Hardcover Book
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3 years & up. Go on a fun visit to Busytown and find out how everyone spends their days! Richard Scarry's beautifully illustrated book "What Do People Do All Day" will take your child through many short stories about different characters that live in town, and their various occupations such as; fire fighter, doctor, baker, farmer, construction worker, etc. and emphasizes the importance of each job and its necessity to make a community work well together. Each section has detailed pictures and descriptions that explain, step-by-step, the process of how a house is built or how bread is made, or how food is grown and then delivered to the grocery store. Your child is sure to enjoy going on an adventure with Huckle, the kitten; Mortimer, the mouse; Captain Reddy, the pilot; Doctor Lion; and of course everyone's favorite annelid, Lowly Worm. Written and illustrated by Richard Scarry. Hardcover. 64 pages. Dimensions: 9.5" x 12.75".
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