Light Cube

Light Cube
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Light Up Your Imagination!

3 years & up. This rugged light cube is portable, durable, and rechargeable. It even strobes, flashes, and changes color with the touch of a button! The cube is the perfect size for individual and small group play. Young children can stand or kneel at the cube and engage in focused, quiet play. The easy-to-clean surface is ideal for art and exploration activities both indoors and outdoors. Use the cube for examining transparent and opaque objects. Add interest to counting, sorting, sequencing, and building activities.

The sturdy construction, robust battery strength and long lasting LED light source are good for years of tough use. The cube adds a high level of excitement to your classroom environment while engaging reluctant and special needs children. It's perfect for early years and can accommodate a wide range of ages and learning levels.

Charging time is 6 hours. Operating time (unplugged) is 5 - 15 hours. Remote control distance is 10'.

Measures: 16"H x 16"W x 16"D.


  • Cube
  • Power Source
  • Remote Control
  • Teacher Guide

Curriculum Relevance:

  • Delve into incredible sensory experiences
  • Explore colors through art and science
  • Manipulate objects over a light source
  • Experiment with a variety of materials
  • Experience open-ended play