Raised Garden Kit

Raised Garden Kit
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An easy introduction to raised bed gardening. Raised gardens are a perfect way to involve children in gardening while using minimal space! This raised bed is the perfect place to start developing the skills and experience the joys of growing plants. With 16 square feet of available planting area, there is room to grow an assortment of vegetables, herbs, or flowers. Eco-friendly kit is made from recycled plastic, so it won't rot, splinter or become infested with unwelcome critters.

This kit comes with everything you need with the exception of soil and plants. Tool-free snap-lock joints make it simple to install. Each modular kit includes four 2” Classic Sienna composite boards, and four 2” tool-free snap-lock stacking brackets. The insulating open-channel boards trap air, providing insulation to the soil keeping it warmer in the Spring and Fall seasons and cooler in Summer. This helps the growing period last for an extended period.

The stacking brackets pivot 270 degrees, allowing endless design options. The 4’ x 4’ square raised garden bed can be converted to a diamond shape just by changing the angle of the joints. You can easily combine multiple kits to change heights, shapes and sizes. Can even double as a sandbox! Measures: 4'L x 4'W x 6"D.

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