Little Scholar™ Tablet - Mini 7 inch Single

Little Scholar™ Tablet - Mini 7 inch Single
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Growing Smarter Every Day

3 - 7 years. Get ready for school success with this educational tablet for children featuring reading, math, spelling, science, logic, geography, creativity, and more!! Whether your little scholar is in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, he or she will love the 150+ preloaded apps, eBooks, songs, and videos. These apps combine progressive challenge with playful creativity using exciting activities, charming animations, and audio praise.

Reading, Math, Spelling, Science, Logic, Geography, Creativity, and More


  • Over 200 preloaded apps, videos, books, songs, and games
  • Exclusive, interactive, educational video series: Charlie & Company™
  • Original content, in a kid-safe environment, with no additional costs
  • A+ Report Card app for viewing dynamic graphs and reports of children's activity with each Little Scholar program
  • Audio praise and feedback
  • Rear and front facing camera
  • Durable construction designed for little hands and rigorous use
  • FREE protective bumper included

How to Set Up Your Preschool Technology Learning Center→

Discover tips and resources for setting up your preschool technology learning center with this Insights and Inspirations article.

Technical Specifications

  • Google Android™ 4.4.4 KitKat
  • 8 GB internal storage memory
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Built-in mono speaker
  • 3.5 mm earphone jack
  • Textured, easy-grip bumper
  • Extra-long 5-foot power cord
  • 1 micro SD card slot
  • Micro SD card-compatible, up to 32 GB of memory
  • Processor: 1 GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7
  • Display: 8" Screen (1024x768)
  • Camera Rear-Facing: 2.0 MP
  • Camera Front-Facing: 0.3 MP
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1 micro USB 2.0 port
  • Dimensions: 11.625" x 8.375" x 2.875"

Preschool Apps

Get little ones up to speed with their ABCs, one two threes, colors, shapes, and reading readiness skills. Watch the excitement for learning grow! Games and rewards add to the fun.

  • Numbers Flash Cards - Math, Counting
  • I Like to Paint - Readiness, Counting, Creativity, Alphabet
  • Jog, Frog, Jog - Reading, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Colors & Shapes Flash Cards - Readiness, Math, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Alphabet Flash Card - Readiness, Alphabet
  • Beep, Beep! - Reading
  • Jigsaw Jumbles - Readiness, Reasoning, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • I Want A Pet - Reading
  • Counting 1-10 - Math, Readiness, Reasoning, Counting, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Clickity-Clack Alphabet - Creativity, Readiness, Spelling, Alphabet, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Colors, Shapes & More - Creativity, Math, Readiness
  • My First Movies - Readiness, Science
  • Memory Match Jr. - Readiness, Reading
  • Train Defender - Readiness, Math, Eye-Hand Coordination

Kindergarten Apps

The start of school begins a lifetime adventure. Give alphabet, counting, vocabulary, creativity, telling time, and early reading skills a playful boost. Games and rewards add smiles.

  • Napoleon Bone-a-Part - Science, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Telling Time Flash Cards - Math, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Peter's Dream - Reading, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Pencil-Pal Kindergarten - Creativity, Math, Readiness, Reading, Reasoning, Counting, Alphabet
  • Numbers 1-100 - Creativity, Math, Counting
  • I Like to Paint - Readiness, Counting, Creativity, Alphabet
  • Jigsaw Jumble - Readiness, Reasoning, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • The New Bike - Reading
  • The Big Race - Reading
  • Memory Match - Readiness, Reasoning, Alphabet
  • Square-Off - Math, Reasoning
  • Make Me Giggle - Creativity, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Word Search Jr. - Reading, Science, Spelling
  • Alphabet - Creativity, Readiness, Reading, Alphabet

First Grade Apps

Big-kid skills like spelling, phonics, vocabulary, reading, early math, and memorization take off. Help them soar with creative, playful, strategic learning activities. Games and rewards boost the challenge.

  • The Last Game - Reading, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • A Different Tune - Reading
  • It's Magic - Reading
  • Addition Flash Cards - Math, Reasoning, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Tile Trouble - Readiness, Reasoning
  • Subtraction Flash Cards - Math, Reasoning, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Phonics Made Easy - Creativity, Reading, Spelling, Reasoning
  • Spelling 1 - 2 - Creativity, Reading, Spelling, Reasoning
  • Sort It Out - Reading, Reasoning, Alphabet
  • Fraction Attraction - Math, Reasoning
  • State of Confusion - Geography, Science, Reasoning, Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Time, Money & Fractions - Math, Reasoning, Counting
  • Word Search - Reading, Science, Spelling

Start to Read Books

Help children learn to read with the Start-to-Read! program developed by educator Dr. James Hoffman.

Level 1 Books:

  • Beep, Beep!
  • Get Lost, Becka!
  • Hug Bug
  • Hurry Squirrel! I Want A Pet
  • I Want to Be a Clown
  • Jog, Frog, Jog
  • Jog, Frog, Jog Classic
  • Mia's Sun Hat
  • Mouse Finds a House
  • My Friend Goes Left
  • Nine Men Chase a Hen
  • Who's in the Nest?
  • What Grows on Trees?
  • Up Went the Goat
  • The Pea or the Flea?
  • The Magic Wand
  • The Gum on the Drum
  • The Good Bad Cat
  • The Fox on the Box
  • Scarecrow's Friends
  • Poor Polly Pig
  • On a Hill

Level 2 Books:

  • Benny's Baby Brother
  • Foolish Goose
  • Good Night
  • I Don't Like Peas
  • Peter's Dream
  • Sue Likes Blue
  • That's Not All!
  • The Big Race
  • The New Bike
  • The New Bike Classic

Level 3 Books:

  • A Different Tune
  • A Different Tune Classic
  • Elephant and Envelope
  • Hanna's Butterfly
  • It's Magic
  • The Last Game
  • The Last Game Classic
  • The Fabulous Principal Pie
  • Mouse and Owl
  • Racoon on the Moon
  • Noise in the Night


Sing along with songs by Brian Vander Ark from the Verve Pipe! Road trips just got a whole lot more fun! Parents and kids will enjoy learning and singing 87 original, toe-tapping songs.

  • Charlie & Company™ Volume 1 (9 songs) - Creativity, Reading, Counting
  • Charlie & Company™ Volume 2 (9 songs) - Creativity, Reading, Counting
  • Charlie & Company™ Volume 3 (9 songs) - Creativity, Reading
  • Jog, Frog, Jog (10 songs) - Creativity, Reading
  • Peter's Dream (10 songs) - Creativity, Reading
  • I Want a Pet (10 songs) - Creativity, Reading, Alphabet
  • A Different Tune (10 songs) - Creativity, Reading
  • The Last Game (10 songs) - Creativity, Reading
  • The New Bike (10 songs) - Creativity, Reading


Preloaded with proven learning curriculum, including over 200 educational apps, books, songs, and videos.

Debuting Charlie & Company™

Enjoy family time with Charlie & Company, a new educational video series with live action and animation. It stars Charlie the Golden Retriever and his best friend, Miss Ellie, who embark on educational adventures. The show features performances and original music by Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe.

Give First Time Readers A Great Start!

Help children learn to read with the Start to Read! program developed by educator Dr. James Hoffman. With creative, colorful characters and memorable, relevant themes, this three-level series of storybooks is designed to build a solid literary foundation for any child, while teaching kids that reading is fun!


Take pictures with rear- and front-facing camera. Play with silly special effects and save pictures to your own personal gallery.

Sing Along with Songs by Brian Vander Ark!

Road trips just got a whole lot more fun! Parents and children will enjoy learning and singing 87 original, toe-tapping songs.

Password-Protected Parental Controls

With the Little Scholar™ tablet, the need for over-the-shoulder monitoring vanishes. Never has supervision been easier. A password-protected parent section includes access to an app management feature, a device setting for accessing Wi-Fi, and a custom app store, which allows for additional downloads. Parents can also customize which apps, music, and e-books are active on the Little Scholar™ tablet to fit their children’s learning needs. This can help avoid distraction or overload, and also allows focusing on specific skills or ages.

Just for Parents!

Use our A+ Report Card App to view dynamic graphs and reports of your child’s activity with each Little Scholar™ program.

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