Play-Time Farm Fresh Vegetables - 7 Pieces

Play-Time Farm Fresh Vegetables - 7 Pieces
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3 years & up. Tempting your children to try some delicious vegetables will be much easier once they have played with these realistically sized "fresh from the farm" veggies! There are 7 pieces packed in this crate of harvested seasonal favorites. This durable, molded-plastic food is ideal for kitchen and grocery play. Crate measures 10"H x 9.25"W x 3"L.

Discover More Ways to Play

  1. Ask the child to count the vegetables and to identify each one.
  2. Ask the child to identify the colors on each of the vegetables.
  3. Place four or more vegetables in front of the child, depending on his/her age. Ask the child to study them before closing his/her eyes. Remove one vegetable and ask the child to recall the missing vegetable.
  4. Hide the vegetables from the child's sight, then secretly place one piece in a paper bag. Ask the child to place a hand in the bag and identify the vegetable by touch.
  5. Ask the child to sort the vegetables into groups of long and round pieces.
  6. Play "store" and ask the child to place vegetables in a bag, per your order. ("I'd like one red and two green pieces, two bumpy and one smooth.")