DESSA-SSE Record Forms

DESSA-SSE Record Forms
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The DESSA-SSE (Second Step Edition) is a 36 item assessment based off of the full DESSA and ties in with the Second Step Curriculum for K-5. It can be used as a pre and post measure. Set of 25 paper record forms.

For more information on the development and uses of the DESSA-SSE, read the DESSA-SSE manual.

To access the manual, login or create an account on and use an activation key for any grade (K-5). Once logged in, the pathway is to go to Resources for any grade level, then the Program Coordinator’s tab, then Evaluation Guide (read more). Under More Information go to #5 “See Recommended Outcome Measures.” The DESSA Resources are at the very bottom.

Alternatively, go to Resources, Program Coordinators, then in the blue bar just underneath that you can hover over the words Evaluation Guide to get a drop-down menu, and the last item on the right is Student Assessments. The DESSA Resources are at the bottom.