Welcome to VOICE / CSEA Quality Child Care Grant Program

How Do I Qualify For The CSEA Quality Child Care Grant Program?

You must be a New York State registered family provider or licensed group family child care provider outside of New York City and currently have children in care to qualify for this grant.

How Do I Sign Up For The CSEA Quality Child Care Grant Program?

All New York State registered family and licensed group family child care providers outside of New York City should have already received an application packet informing you of the grant by mail. If you have not received your packet yet, please contact the CSEA WORK Institute at: 1-855-GRANT4U (1-855-472-6848) or email grant4u@cseainc.org for further information.

Your letter will contain your CSEA ID and Pin Number. FOR IMMEDIATE GRANT APPROVAL, fill out your application ONLINE at https://csealearningcenter.org/grants/grantstatus.cfm. You will need your CSEA ID and Pin Number located in the top right corner of your VOICE CSEA cover letter. You will only be approved if you have a working email address. Upon approval, you will be given a Kaplan password and you will be able to place your order two hours after applying on line. If you mail in your application you will receive confirmation and your Kaplan Password by mail and by email (if one was included) when your application is processed.

How Do I Redeem My CSEA Quality Child Care Grant?

The grant can be used to pay for order amounts equal to or less than $500. Only one order may be placed. After the $500 grant is spent, any additional items purchased will be discounted 15% and include free shipping on your order. A credit card will be required to pay for any purchases above the $500 grant. You must log in to redeem your CSEA Quality Child Care Grant. The log in link is located in the top right hand corner. You must make your Kaplan purchases by January 27, 2014 5:00pm EST.

How can I take advantage of my VOICE/CSEA discount?

Even if you already spend your $500 grant you can take advantage of your 15% VOICE/CSEA discount. You will then have access to order anything you want with the same generous discount and free shipping. You will simply have to put in your credit card at the end of the checkout process.

Issues with Kaplan products or Ordering Problems? (Do not contact VOICE for Kaplan issues)

Please contact:
Kaplan Early Learning Company:
Phone: 1-800-334-2014
FAX: 1-800-452-7526
Email: info@kaplanco.com

Frequently Asked Questions

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