Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 1

Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 1
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3 - 5 years. Inspire children to explore a variety of careers with these five career garments. Features hook-and-loop closures for easy dress up. Accessories and hats are included for all garments with the exception of the astronaut garment. 100% polyester. Soft, machine-washable fabric. Designed to fit most sizes. Available individually or in a set of five.

Mechanic: Imagine what you would fix if you were a mechanic! Mechanics not only fix cars—they fix lawnmowers, big machines, tractor trailers, and anything that has moving parts. Children can start their discovery of this fascinating career by slipping into this realistic looking jumpsuit, complete with hat, wrench, grease stains, and a rag sticking out of the back pocket. Add books, props, and manipulatives around the classroom for children to explore the vital service a mechanic plays in the community.

Construction Worker: Safety gear is the first thing you need when going to a construction site. This set of pretend play construction worker gear will get you ready. It includes a bright vest with fluorescent safety reflection ribbon, 2 front pockets, a hardhat, and plush hammer. Add additional props and books to the dramatic play area, so children can explore a construction worker’s responsibilities and additional careers in the construction world.

Mail Carrier: This 3-piece outfit consists of a hat, jacket, and mail bag. The jacket has an easy-to-close zipper for children to practice their dressing skills. The mail bag can be used to help deliver the mail, and the fabric hat completes the look. A perfect addition to the dramatic play area, or you can use it when talking about the community and the people that work all around us.

Astronaut: 3... 2... 1... Blast off! Do you fancy a trip to the Moon, or maybe Mars is your destination? Suit up in an astronaut jumpsuit that is fashioned after official space wear. A front zipper and hook-and-loop closures allow children to practice dressing and undressing, promoting independence.

Chef: With a little culinary imagination and a crisp white chef's uniform, a child can become a chef in the finest restaurant, a diner cook, or a television celebrity chef. This chef set includes a chef jacket with decorative buttons, hat, and plush spatula. The jacket opens in the front and fastens with hook-and-loop closures.