Count and Compare School Readiness Math Toolbox

Count and Compare School Readiness Math Toolbox
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3 years & up. Children will be introduced to math concepts such as quantities, comparing, correspondence, and counting with the materials in this toolbox. Children will be guided and engaged in hands-on math activities with the 20 included activity cards. Fine motor abilities are also incorporated with the corresponding set of manipulatives that further illustrate counting and comparing math skills.

Engaging with this kit will introduce children to:

  • Using number words and numerals to represent quantities
  • Using one-to-one correspondence when counting
  • Counting a specific quantity when a number is provided
  • Understanding that the last number word stated when counting a group is the quantity of objects in that group
  • Comparing the number of objects in one group as being greater than (more), less than (fewer) or equal to (same) objects in another group

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