Letter Recognition Software for Large Screens and Tablets

Letter Recognition Software for Large Screens and Tablets
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3 years & up. Multi-touch literacy explorations promote collaborative learning and development of letter recognition and pre-writing skills. Each exploration compliments a hands-on learning tool for early learners. This software will reinforce letter recognition of both upper and lowercase letters. Select a pair of letter stones, hear their name and sound and watch them to see if they match. If a pair is found, they remain face up. If not, they turn back over. Great for working memory.

Physical resources available: Lowercase Alphabet Pebbles (item #91139) and Uppercase Alphabet Pebbles (item #62028)

  • Single user software: Allows for 1 (one) user workspace
  • Multi-user software: Allows for 4 (four) user workspace

Available for both single and multi-user formats. Multi-user version offers 4 areas of play and works with Windows and Mac. Single user works with Windows, Mac, iPad and Android. Digital Download.

After purchase, an activation code will be sent via email, along with instructions for downloading the app or software. Please allow 24 hours for the email. The software can then be downloaded directly onto the device.