Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?

Yes, this is a grant available to any NY State family childcare provider outside of NY City!

Do you have to join VOICE union to receive the grant?

No, you do not have to join to receive the grant funding.

Do you have materials for children I care for?

Yes, we carry materials for infants, toddlers, preschool, school-age children, children with disabilities and everything you need to improve your Family Child Care Home.

How do I find out what Kaplan has to offer?

Call or go on our website to order catalogs for the age group you care for or go to our website to see all we have to offer.

Can I order part of my grant with Kaplan and part locally?

No, the entire grant amount must be purchased in a one-time order at Kaplan.

Can I order now?

You must apply for this grant online at then receive an instant approval along with your Kaplan password. You must wait two hours and then you can log on to our website where you will have a shopping cart pre-loaded with a credit for you to spend as you wish.

What can I not order?

You may not order gift certificates or items over your allocated amount including tax with the grant money. You will be able to spend over the allocated amount and still receive the 20% discount and Free shipping (normal exclusions apply).

Can this grant be used as a tax deduction?

No, this grant would be considered as income on your taxes.

Do I have to include taxes in my grant?

Yes, you will have a credit sitting in a shopping cart when you receive your user ID and Password after you are approved. The taxes will be added at the end and if there is money left over to spend you will receive a POP-Up notice of the amount you still have left to spend to use up your entire amount.

What do I do if I don't know or don't have a CSEA ID#?

Please email the CSEA WORK Institute for further information. Their email address is [email protected].