FCCERS-3 Third Edition - Spanish

FCCERS-3 Third Edition - Spanish
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This is the Spanish edition of the revised Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale. FCCERS-3 is the assessment tool for use in home-based child care programs. It is used to assess environments that care for children from infants through school-age (birth to age 12).

FCCERS-3 focuses on the full range of needs of the wide age-range of children often found in family child care programs. Further, the scale assesses both environmental provisions and provider-child interactions that contribute to children’s learning and development, including language, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development, as well as concerns for health and safety.

Suitable for use in inclusive and culturally diverse programs, FCCERS-3 subscales evaluate:

  • Space and Furnishings
  • Personal Care Routines
  • Language and Books
  • Activities
  • Interaction
  • Program Structure